We are pleased you chose a Learning Foundation school and we will make every effort to ensure  education is rewarding and satisfying to students and parents.  Please click enrollment on the home page or the school page to find a downloadable enrollment packet for the school location of your choice.  Enrollment at our schools is open any time of the year.

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We encourage you to contact us at the district or any of our schools with any questions or to tour a school.

LFPA Values . . .

learning as a lifelong journey

all students as unique individuals who have the capacity to learn and succeed

a faculty and staff as integral elements to student success

a diverse community and a respect for differences in culture, intellect, gender, age, and physical ability

accountability among students and staff

performing arts and extracurricular activities as experiences that prepare students for life in the real world

an honest and respectful approach that develops students’ positive self-image and integrity

a small, safe, and nurturing environment for the LFPA community


Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools in Mesa and Gilbert offer performance classes and productions that involve students in grades from Kindergarten through high school,
LFPA Gilbert 7-12 offers classes in 3 levels of Dance, Musical Theater, Drama, Stagecraft, Voice, Orchestra, Musical Keyboards, and Guitar.
LFPA Warner K-6 offers classes in Dance, Musical Theater, Musical Keyboards, and Choir.
The schools produce a minimum of 3 to 4 productions each year including talent shows, musical performances, theater productions of major Broadway shows and so much more. Students who don’t perform on stage may be involved in other areas of producing a show such as staging, scenery, direction, filming and writing.
Learning Foundation Stapley “Back to Basics” also offers electives in Dance and Music with at least two performances during the school year.
For students who prefer other areas of The Arts our schools may offer classes in electives such as Art, Ceramics, Karate,

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