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CAFA Inc. dba Learning Foundation Stapley Teacher Salary 2022-2023

CAFA Inc. Gilbert Warner Teacher Salary 2022-2023

Welcome Students, Parents and Community

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools offer a dynamic performing arts program balanced with rigorous academics and enhanced with a challenging sports program. These programs have been proven successful since the inception of the first school in 2003. A school was needed to give students without financial means a chance to experience areas of the performing arts that might be overlooked in other school curriculum. Our performing arts department offers programs that expose each child, K-12, to the arts. The LFPA student body comes from all over the East Valley due to our unique blend of arts and academics.

Students have the opportunity to follow their passion with elective choices that include musical theater, dance, voice, drama, guitar, piano, art, ceramics, foreign language, fitness, sports, creative writing, and many other courses. The schools display trophies won in performing competitions in Arizona, California, New York and Florida. The high school displays competition trophies won in Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Cheer.

The students produce full stage productions each year where they not only perform but also may be involved in other areas of producing a show such as staging, scenery, direction, filming and writing. The mix of a traditional school with an emphasis on performing arts and enhanced with competitive sports creates a unique style of education.

Our Vision for Learning Foundation and Performing Arts schools is to provide a well-rounded, rigorous academic environment combined with a dynamic performing arts program that exposes each child, K-12, to the arts.  LFPA sets high standards in order to prepare our students to become lifelong learners who lead productive and successful lives.

 The CAFA Inc. dba Learning Foundation and Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Mission is devoted to scholarly learning and inspiring performing arts that embrace our entire community.  We strive to take our students to the highest level of personal academic achievement and fine arts accomplishment by basing our instructional system on research, standards, and best practice in both areas.  Through curriculum and methods of delivery in academic content areas, we will impart the academic skills that will be required of our students for success in life.  Through our curriculum in fine arts, we will impart self-esteem, self discipline, cooperation, self-motivation and social skills necessary for success in life.

I assisted in starting one of the first Charter Schools in Arizona in 1995.  I am a businesswoman with over 25 years of expertise in charter school management.  My experience, dedication, excellent staff and Highly Qualified teachers have created the perfect balance in establishing and maintaining the Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools.


Evelyn Taylor

Executive Director


My Daughter and I love the learning opportunities and the always willing teaching staff and administration at Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Alta Mesa!

Aisha Jones, Parent LFPA

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Alta Mesa.

My Daughter absolutely LOVES her new school. I really wish we enrolled her here years ago! She is super excited to start going to after school clubs and meet new friends.

Amberlee Eddings, Parent LFPA

Learning Foundation Stapley.

This school has a very welcoming feel to it! My daughter said she enjoyed her time there! She is a 7th grader now and she was incredibly sad to leave all her great memories behind but she always asks me if we can go on Fridays so that we can say hi or ask if anyone needs help. My daughter has been in this school since Kindergarten and she has made such great friends there which she still keeps in touch with some of her friends go to the same school as her so she was feeling incredibly happy, i would recommend this school to many!

Elodia Cortez, Stapley

I don’t think that I have enough words to describe how wonderful Learning Foundation and Performing Arts school is. I enrolled my daughter half way through the school year because of the disappointment I felt with our local elementary school. She was welcomed right away! The school has that warm, inviting feeling and she felt as though she mattered. There are so many excellent opportunities for the children here. Not only are the academics great, all the arts they are exposed to are second to none. The Musical Theater and dance departments are exceptional and the kids are taught amazing skills, helping them be confident and those attributes will help them in all areas of life! From the front office, to transportation, to the teachers and the principal, this school is unlike any other. They are kind, loving, and genuine. It is evident that these individuals truly care about the children and love what they do. It is not just a job to them. Thank you LFAPA!

Melissa Williams, Gilbert

To Nikki Triggs Valle:  I remember when I came to you. I was so broken and resentful. Public Schools just crushed my soul and devoured my character. I remember seeing your smiling face and feeling right at home. Being able to express my feelings through the Arts and push my brain academically. You looked at me a broken child and you saw potential. You never gave up on rough kids. That whole school vibrates positivity. The elective saved my life. A home away from home if you will. I remember the day I graduated I was the only senior in my class. But it was the most amazing feeling to be standing up on that stage looking up at your faces. I remember all those people were so proud. Thanks to you I carried that positivity from that stage on my shoulders throughout my whole life. It brought me to tears of joy to bring my daughter to the same school to the same person who helped build me. I can’t put into words what your dedication means to me and all the people beautiful souls that you’ve touched. Your genuine kindness and encouraging words did a lot more to help a broken child graduate. Learning Foundation and Performing Arts put the golden-glue on a broken vase and made it your beautiful work of art. Every single child is different and so unique at the same time. For that Nikki I am forever thankful. Got nothing but love for you!

Nikki Triggs-Valle, LFPA

To any parent who’s child shows a well rounded look at life LFPA is the perfect fit! We are new to the school and couldn’t be happier. From my first visit I knew I was in the right place. The staffs open lines of communication plus a willingness to hear input is stellar to say the least. The completely well rounded environment is a true recipe for success. I have two children enrolled who couldn’t be more different. The schools approach in having solid academics with an array of artistic options sets every individual up for finding their success in life.

Molly Reidy, Gilbert

As an educator at Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Gilbert for the past five school years, I believe that our school is one of the finest schools in the area.  LFPA Gilbert is dedicated to providing a quality education for students and a caring and safe environment in which they grow into young adults.

In the five years I have been a member of the LFPA Gilbert family I have had the privilege of working with the most dedicated teachers, administrators, and staff possible.  It is my belief that LFPA Gilbert sets an excellent framework for future success in higher education.

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Gilbert isn’t just a school, a place for learning, or a job it is a home and family in so many ways.  LFPA Gilbert is a family environment from the administration and faculty, to the parents and students.  Everyone shares memories at school events, assemblies, pep-rallies, sporting events, and state of the art theater productions; memories that will last a lifetime.  What drives my passion to teach in the classroom each day with my students each day at LFPA Gilbert is seeing the creative ideas and insightful discussions my students are able to initiate.

Jason McKay, LFPA Gilbert

This is one of the best schools I have had the privilege of my son attending. We started there in November 2009 and within two weeks he felt like he had been there for years. The following year we were accepted into an ASU Academy. We had been on the waiting list for a year and they have a 5 star rating. After two months there we went back to LFPA. Their education and warm, caring atmosphere suited my son better. When I asked him if he was happier at LFPA, he said “I am because I know they like me here”. I now have a grandson in 2nd grade there. He has been there since kindergarten. We have decided that no matter where in Mesa we live, LFPA is the school of choice, no matter how far the travel. Thank you to the team at LFPA.

Rachea Reece-Peelplez, LFPA

Our family came to Learning Foundation and Performing Arts in October of 2010. We had recently moved back to Gilbert and we were looking for a good fit for our three daughters, who are now 9, 10 & 14 year old. The school we had been attending was great academically but had nothing to offer us in terms of extra curricular. All three of our girls are musically inclined and we were anxious to get them into a school where they could use their talents and still be academically challenged. We were elated to find LFPA and the love of the performing arts there is evident as well as a love and concern for students to achieve in all areas. Our girls love their academic grade level instructors who constantly make sure they are being challenged and are excelling in the academics however; it is the performing arts instructors who inspire and nurture them in their talents that keep them going back day after day. We could not have asked for a better fit for our family….from the administration, academic and elective staff. We would highly recommend LFPA to any family who is interested in a well rounded academic and arts environment.

Amy Vance, Gilbert

Our son started at LFAPA when the Gilbert campus first opened. We knew after meeting with the school staff that this was the school for him. We liked the size of the school and the idea that he could attend the same school from Pre-K to 12th grade. Over the years we have been reminded of the reasons why we choose this environment for our son’s education needs. The teachers and staff have genuinely showed their care for our son’s well being and education goals. The school has always shown us an atmosphere of being open and friendly. Everyone from the teachers to the principal and the director is accessible, friendly, and willing to take the time to talk with you. Our son has grown and continues to thrive in school thanks to the teachers he has had.

Scott Bullers, Gilbert

I am a student at LFPA and the second I walked into those doors I felt loved, respected, heard, and understood. Everyone accepts one another here and that’s what I love most about LFPA.

Teigan Witts, LFPA Gilbert
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