School Uniforms

Dress code

School uniform shirts may be purchased through the school office.

Uniform bottoms may be purchased at any retail store in the colors of navy blue, black, and khaki.

Leggings in these colors may also be worn under skirts.

  • Students are required to wear an LFPA logo shirt in royal blue, white or gray.
  • Students must wear slacks, capris, skorts, jumpers, or shorts (finger tip length).
  • Tops must cover shoulders with a minimum of a capped sleeve.
  • Tops must go from the midriff to below the waistline of the bottoms even when arms are raised.
  • Only closed toe and closed heel shoes may be worn.
  • Socks must be in solid colors of black, gray or white.
  • Jewelry must be modest, school appropriate and non-distracting. No more than two bracelets per arm and two earrings per ear.
  • Hair may not be dyed any unnatural colors.
  • Plain zip or button up sweatshirts may be worn in colors of tan, black, blue, gray or white.
  • No hats, hoods, or bandannas may be worn in the building or in school vehicles.
  • No extreme hairstyles may be worn (i.e. Mohawks, unnatural color, spiked hair).
  • No torn (including torn-look) clothing can be worn at school.

All attire worn by a student attending any school event on or off campus including a dress-down or dress-up day is subject to the dress code.

The full dress code is explained in detail on page 6-7 of the student handbook.

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