Dear Parents:

Should an emergency or disaster situation ever arise in our area while school is in session, we want you to be aware that the school has made preparations to respond effectively to such situations. In fact, schools in Arizona are built to meet stringent construction standards and they may be safer than your own home in the event of a disaster.

Should we have a major disaster during school hours, your student(s) safety will be of the utmost priority. Our school has a detailed emergency response plan which has been formulated to respond to a major catastrophe.

In conjunction with our Emergency Response Plan, training events are regularly conducted with students to empower them with the knowledge they may need to respond to a school-based emergency. These training events may take the form of a classroom-based discussion, school-wide assemblies, or functional drills such as fire drills, lock-down drills, or full evacuation drills. Whenever safety training is conducted, a letter will be sent home or e-mailed so that you are aware that a drill will be taking place and you can have a discussion with your students about what they learned and reinforce sound decision-making in emergencies. We have incorporated lock-down drills just as we do with fired drills once a month to ensure all students know exactly where to go in the classroom in case of a lock-down.

It is our strong belief that despite the low probability of students ever facing such a situation, they should be mentally prepared and versed in the school’s overall emergency protocols. We believe these drills will significantly bolster our students’ confidence and sense of safety in their school.

Please discuss these matters with your student(s) and immediate family.

More emergency preparedness information for parents is available at