What We Offer

  • Title 1 School
  • Full Service Special Education
  • Free All Day Kindergarten
  • Before and After Care
  • Supplemental Tutoring
  • After School and Summer Tutoring
  • Student Government
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • A variety of Performing Arts
  • Volunteer Program
  • Limited Bus Service
  • Lunch and Breakfast Programs
  • And Much More!

Learning Foundation schools comply with all state and federal laws, rules and regulations regarding all programs at our four schools.  We employ best practice in all programs on, or away from campus to insure the best possible educational experience for all of our students.

Child Find

Learning Foundation & Performing Arts and Learning Foundation Schools ensures that all children with disabilities who are in need of special education and related services will be identified, located and evaluated.  LFPA assures that a practical method shall be developed and implemented to determine which children are currently receiving needed special education and related services.  This policy shall apply to highly mobile children with disabilities, homeless children and children that are suspected of being a child with a disability and in need of special education, even though they are advancing from grade to grade.

LFPA procedures for child find include the following provisions:

  1. LFPA will maintain documentation of the public awareness efforts conducted to inform the general public and parents residing within their jurisdiction, of the availability of special education services.
  2. Screening activities will be implemented for all newly enrolled students and those transferring in without sufficient records.
  3. The screening will be completed within 45 days of enrollment.
  4. The screening will include consideration of academic or cognitive, vision, hearing, communication, emotional and psychomotor problems.
  5. LFPA will maintain documentation and annually report the number of children with disabilities within each disability category that have been identified, located and evaluated. The collection and use of data to meet these requirements are subject to confidentiality requirements.
  6. LFPA will refer children suspected of having a disability age birth through two years 10 months to the Arizona Early Intervention Program for evaluation and appropriate services.
  7. LFPA will refer children suspected of having a disability age two years 10 months through five years to the child’s school district of residence for evaluation and appropriate services.

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts encourages any parent who suspects their child may have a disability to refer your child to us by contacting our district office at 480-635-1900.