The Vision of CAFA, Inc. dba Learning Foundation and Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools is that each school in our district becomes an East Valley Industry Leader in providing a balance of strong academic and fine arts programming that results in outstanding individuals whose education has addressed the whole person and facilitated the development of well-rounded persons who are ready to lead productive and successful lives by taking positive advantage of any opportunities life may offer.

The CAFA, Inc. dba Learning Foundation and Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Mission is devoted to scholarly learning and inspiring performing arts that embrace our entire community.  We strive to take our students to the highest level of personal academic achievement and fine arts accomplishment by basing our instructional system on research, standards, and best practice in both areas.  Through curriculum and methods of delivery in academic content areas, we will impart the academic skills that will be required of our students for success in life.  Through our curriculum in fine arts, we will impart self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, self-motivation and social skills necessary for success in life.

Our administration is dedicated to not only providing an outstanding educational experience for the students at our schools but also leading by example. If you have any questions about our programs, enrollment, job opportunities, or would simply like to speak with us, feel free to contact our district office.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s teacher, services he or she is receiving, or would like to tour and visit a specific campus, please contact the school principal below. We are always happy to help our community. It is by working together that we are able to achieve so much more

LFPA Gilbert – 7-12, Principal:  Ronald Alexander

LFPA Warner – K-6, Principal:  Art Moncibaez

Learning Foundation Stapley – K-6, Principal:  Symantha Mendoza