Dear Learning Foundation Families:

As we all know, emergencies can strike quickly and without warning. These events can be traumatic, especially for children. Keeping your children safe while at school is one of our top priorities.

Listed below are several safety measures currently in place and designed to safeguard students. As always, I welcome your comments, ideas and/or suggestions that you may have regarding the matter of school safety or emergency preparedness.

  • Visitors: All visitors are required to sign in and are escorted to the Younger side. Olders, are notified by our phone system to expect a visitor
  • Controlled Access: On the main campus, Olders side, all doors can be locked from the inside, as well as the school being gated. The Younger side is equipped with a safety door that remains locked and is only opened by a staff member
  • All staff are trained in CPR and First Aid.
  • Both sides are equipped with fire extinguishers.
  • Main building, Olders side, is equipped with sprinklers.
  • Classrooms are connected to our phone system.
  • Crisis Communication Plan: All staff are part of a phone tree communication plan. The goal is to quickly and accurately communicate essential information to first responders, district staff, parents, and community members so that the safety of your children is maintained throughout an emergency event.
  • Emergency Training: All staff are trained in “evacuation” for fire emergencies; “reverse evacuation” for dangerous issues requiring an expeditious return to the building; “lock-down,” in which an imminent danger towards students exists within the school property; and, “lockout,” in which there is a dangerous situation away from the campus, but could impact the campus (during a “lockout” routine within the school is maintained; however, doors are secured with no one entering or leaving the facility and no outside activities such as recess or PE are permitted).
  • Assemblies are held to discuss the importance of listening, following instructions, and how to behave during an “emergency” situation.
  • Each classroom is equipped with an Emergency Kit consisting of: Emergency blanket, Flashlight, Batteries, Water bottles, Small first aid kit

Parents, please note:  If your child is on medication, please make sure that the front office has enough medication to sustain your child during an emergency situation.

More emergency preparedness information for parents is available at:

Thank you for your cooperation and your support.