Learning Foundation
“Back to Basics”

Welcome to the Learning Foundation “Back to Basics” school!

We are excited about our intelligent, talented, and creative students who experience the best of what our outstanding teaching staff has to offer. Our goal is to offer a high-quality instructional environment in which all students will learn and excel academically and socially. The school day is structured to infuse students with a love of learning and will provide them with the academic and character skills necessary to succeed in junior high, high school, college and a competitive world.

Below are some of the educational highlights featured at Learning Foundation “Back to Basics”:

· Highly-qualified teachers:  The primary factor impacting student achievement is teacher quality. We are committed to ensuring that there is a talented and caring teacher in every classroom.

· More time on task:  Our school day consist of small group instruction during the day as well as rigorous creative instruction in all content areas.

· Support for struggling students:  All students will learn — we accept no excuses. The students of Learning Foundation “Back to Basics” will be assessed using the Acuity Assessment Program in the core subjects so that struggling students can be identified and receive additional academic assistance so they do not fall behind.

· Commitment to character education:  All students live by the Learning Foundation Core Values (Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect Teaching and Learning). Our goal is to develop well-rounded students, and we will teach these character values as explicitly as we teach academics.

· A balanced curriculum:  Our curriculum includes all core subjects in compliance with Arizona Department of Education Standards along with electives in Art, Physical Education, Technology, Music and Kempo.

· Uniform Policy:  All students must come to school dressed in a blue, red, or white polo (collared) shirt with the Learning Foundation logo worn with navy, tan, or black pants, skirts or shorts (skirts/shorts must be finger tipped length or longer).

These are just a few of the attributes that help create a quality educational experience at the Learning Foundation “Back to Basics” school. We look forward to creating a school culture committed to excellence and laying academic and behavioral foundations for each student.


Ms. Aitken,

At Learning Foundation school we value our parents as working partners. In order to have successful school/home partnerships we feel it is important for parents to be knowledgeable about the many components that are involved in the education of our students. We ask that you take a moment to read over the following important points and contact your school or the district if there are any topics you would like more information on.

1. Are you aware of your schools mission and vision? If you are unsure of the school’s purpose we encourage you to read the mission and vision statements posted at the school, on the website and in the student handbook. We are proud of being devoted to what we do, and hope that you share in our pride by helping your student(s) to be aware of and understand the goals of their school. We hope that you will talk to your children regularly about our mission and vision.

2. Are you aware of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of education your child receives? School Improvement is an on going process. Teachers and Administration meet regularly to address and revisit school goals. We continually review and revise strategies and improvement actions as part of our school improvement process. We encourage and value your input as stakeholders.

3. Are you aware of support services offered at your school? We are proud to offer multiple support services at our school. We have an excellent special education team to address the needs of students with disabilities. We also offer Title One support services and tutoring to academically at-risk students.  We have an assessment program that allows us to focus on the specific educational needs of each student.  Acuity tailors the individual needs of all students by identifying strengths and weaknesses. This allows students to focus on academic gaps, as well as, be challenged with academic strengths.

4. Are you aware of our school’s governing board? Our district governing board helps with all important school decisions. The governing board oversees all operations. This includes school policy, school budgets, curriculum, etc. Governing board meeting notices are always posted on our front door at least 48 hours before meetings and on our website.

5. Are you aware of what goes on in your child’s classroom and how to communicate regularly with teachers? Our teachers are required to post class objectives in visible areas of the classroom. . Parents may reach teachers by direct phone calls or email. Responses to questions, comments, or concerns will always be addressed within 24 business hours. Feel free to ask teachers questions about your child’s specific learning needs, curriculum, etc

6. Are you aware you should be talking with your student regularly about what he or she is learning at school? We implore you to communicate regularly with your child about what is going on in the classroom. Here are some ideas to help engage your child in school discussions.

    • Ask your child if he/she understands the learning expectations in school.
    • Ask your child to explain lessons learned and to provide you examples on how those lessons relate to every day life.
    • Ask your child what type of assessments they are taking in school.
    • Ask your child what adult advocate they have at school who they could depend on and trust. Who is that adult? How do they help your child? What does he/she do to help your child feel safe and encouraged?

We hope this message is informative for our families. We encourage feedback from our families should you ever have questions, comments, or suggestions. Thank you for trusting us to meet the academic needs of your children.

Dear Ms. Taylor, Executive Director:

As you  know by now, Arizona was cited by Education Cities  as a state that is leading the nation in closing our achievement gap, and we have attached our press release about that report at the end of this letter.

To your great credit, Learning Foundation Stapley and Learning Foundation And Performing Arts Alta Mesa have been identified as top performers in the state, and somewhere that low-wealth students can expect the same excellent quality of education that their wealthier peers receive.

What an amazing achievement for your students and school community, and we want to thank you and congratulate you! Please pass on our congratulations to your team.

We are critically aware that Arizona is nowhere near our goal of offering every child in the state an excellent education that prepares them for their life choices after high school. But in your school, and in dozens of schools like yours around the state, we see that this is possible. Arizona is being recognized because you and your team decided to make this a reality.

We cannot be more grateful to you. On behalf of the team at A for Arizona, bravo!


Glenn Hamer 

Lea Marquez Peterson

Lisa Graham Keegan

Emily Anne Gullickson

Katie Fischer

Reina Ravago


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