Learning Foundation encourages parents to participate in their student’s education. Teachers and staff regularly communicate student progress and education strategies with parents through parent/teacher meetings, phone calls, email and newsletters. We have a parent volunteer program that encourages parents to volunteer at field trips, fine arts performances and any area where extra help and support is beneficial.  Contact the front office for more information.  Site Director Email: smendoza@lfapa.org   Phone: 480-834-6202

Parent Involvement:    Parent involvement Policy

The Title 1 LEA Parent Involvement Policy has been adopted by the CAFA Inc. Governing Board. Parent’s may participate in ongoing revisions by attending the Fall Annual Title 1 Parent meeting, or by emailing comments to the District Title 1 Director, Linda Wright, at learningfoundation@msn.com

  Wellness Policy

Parents are invited to be involved in the wellness activities involving their students.  Call the district office at 480-635-1900 for more information.