Fifth Grade students at LFPA Warner campus were asked to write a short story for a writing challenge using one of the “Seven Habits” from the “Leader in Me” program.

Winning Story: “Be Proactive”

One day in the friendly forest, Sammy the squirrel was working on a new invention. He needed one other tool. When he was walking to the store, he saw Tag-Along Alley by herself crying. So Sammy the squirrel walked up and asked her why she was crying.

Tag-Along Alley said, “Because Judging Jimmy said I was too small.”

“That Judging Jimmy!” said Sammy the squirrel. “Well, why don’t we go and talk to him?”

“Okay”, said Alley, “Let’s go!”.

So when they got to Jimmy’s house, they asked him why he would say something like that. He said he didn’t intend to be mean and he was really sorry. So after that, they all went out for pizza. And Sammy learned to be proactive when his friends need help (even with Judging Jimmy, the cat!).

Honorable Mention Story: “Synergize”

Once upon a time, there was a scarecrow named Pi who always wanted to be a real boy. Although he had two friends (Mike and Tom), he just didn’t feel alive. On Monday, Pi was feeling extremely sad and when Mike and Tom came over he felt even worse. He was not sad because he was stuck on his stick or that no crows were coming. He was sad because he could not walk, run, or even play. So Mike and Tom thought for a while and came up with a perfect plan! Tomorrow, for Pi’s birthday, they would work together to get Pi off his stick so he could have some fun.

The next day, bright and early, Tom went over to Mike’s house. Then they both hiked up the mountain to see Pi. While he was sleeping, Tom and Mike tugged, pulled, twisted, turned, spun, and even kicked the pole to try to get the nail that held Pi up to come out. Finally, with a pop, the nail came flying out and Pi came falling down.

That day and later on they had the best days ever. Also, they learned some things like synergizing which is working as a team (an awesome team!). They learned that you can do anything if you try, and that it’s not really trying if you give up. Well, that is the end of my story.