Learning Foundation and Performing Arts-Gilbert
A junior and senior high school dedicated to supporting each student in the attainment of his or her highest academic and creative potential. The educational focus is designed to foster each individual’s capacity for self-development and personal responsibility that will prepare students for success in college, career, and adult life. LFPA recognizes that a student’s education is a responsibility shared by school and family during the entire period the student spends in school.

LFPA faculty and staff pledge to:
• Provide a safe campus and a classroom climate of mutual respect.
• Communicate with students and parents in a regular and timely manner through telephone, email, conferences, and the Jupiter Grades online grading program.
• Provide motivating and interesting learning experiences using a variety of teaching methods in the classroom which support the rigor required by the Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards.
• Address the individual needs of each student, effectively facilitate student learning, and provide ample student academic support services.

Student Pledge and commitment to the Four Pillars of Excellence:
• Participate in all efforts put forth by my teachers and LFPA staff to educate me, which may include attending tutoring, doing homework, turning in assignments, completing projects, studying and being prepared for test.
• Complete all class work and homework to the best of my ability on a daily basis.
• Be proactive in school, community and family.
• Behave in a manner that is conducive to learning and does not distract other students.
• Set a positive example for other students and contribute to the growth of others.
• Exhibit and be accountable for the character traits of responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
• Abide by the rules and policies of LFPA including wearing the required uniform every day.
• Conduct myself with dignity and respect during school hours and activities on campus as well as before and after school.
• Treat other students and teachers with respect and refrain from any bullying behaviors including physical harm, teasing, exclusion, and intimidation.
• Arrive on time for school and classes on a daily basis.
• Help others without consideration of repayment.
• Seek opportunities to better our campus.
• Participate in service opportunities in our school and community when possible.

These pledges are essential to the mission of our school. Students and staff must uphold these pledges or jeopardize their opportunity to attend Learning Foundation & Performing Arts.


The 7th-12th grade school is located on the SE corner of Recker and Warner Roads across from the LFPA K-6th grade school.

Fully NCA Accredited and Tuition Free

State of the Art Performance Auditorium

Balance of Academics and the Arts

Academics Aligned to AZ State Standards

Dance, Musical Theatre, Drama

Guitar, Musical Keyboards

Art and Ceramics

P.E., Competitive Sports, Martial Arts

Highly Qualified Certified Teachers
Free Tutoring Program
Limited Affordable Busing Available
Free & Reduced Breakfast/Lunch Program

7th-12th GRADE

480- 635-9400