The health and well-being of our students and staff continues to be a top priority.  We ensure our parents and students that LFPA school and Pre-K will continue to be completely sanitized.

Learning Foundation offers full-time and part-time Pre-Kindergarten Transition school, Monday through Friday, for children three to five (3-5) years of age. (All children must be potty trained to be accepted)
For information please email Mrs. Strohacker, Director, at or call 480-807-1100.

Pre-Kindergarten Transition school offers a full curriculum and strives for a solid foundation of education for children to become successful learners.  Our program is designed to give your child a jump start on becoming a prepared and eager student ready for the rigors of kindergarten. Our teachers provide a variety of daily activities that encourage math, language, thinking skills, hands on centers, social skills and growth development. Our goal is to create an environment where children can be achievers when they have opportunities to explore their world with the partnerships of parents and teachers encouraging and leading the way.