Dear LFPA Students and Parents:

Even after so many years as a principal I never cease to be amazed at how much happens in a single school year. We are looking forward to this year being no exception. We continuously look forward to student accomplishments and expanding our horizons.

LFPA meets the high standards set forth by the Arizona Department of Education; The Arizona State Board for Charter Schools; and AdvancEd/NCA, the organization that also accredits all district schools, community colleges and public universities.

It is my honor to be part of the LFPA family where we pride ourselves on a strong culture of caring, learning, and high expectations. We believe in a balance between the performing arts and rigorous academics while nurturing the needs of the whole student. We understand that all students are individuals with their own unique learning styles, belief systems, perspectives, and goals. We not only accept these differences, but consider it our utmost responsibility to embrace them, and to celebrate and learn from each and every student.

The uniform policy will be strictly enforced this year and we appreciate everyone’s support. LFPA will continue with our school-wide anti-bullying program and students/parents will be asked to sign a student compact regarding behavior and academic expectations. We believe that these requirements assist in further improving our successful program and create an even better school environment.

Our student-centered faculty and staff are a committed group of caring educators. We encourage all students to work towards mastery through assignments, tasks, and concepts, rather than be content with proficiency. We strive to instill in each student the willingness and ability to persevere, to try, struggle, fail, learn, and grow, as this will define them and their successes in the future.

Within this framework we strive to provide our students with a variety of opportunities. Students at LFPA will participate in multiple performances throughout the school year including theatre and musical productions, choral concerts, talent shows as well as performances put on by our drama, dance, guitar, and keyboard classes. LFPA students also participate in our National Honor Society chapter, ACE program partnered with Chandler Gilbert Community College, martial arts classes as well as compete on our competitive sports teams.

We find “family” as a small school in so many ways. Our parents, staff and teachers, homerooms, teammates, and fellow actors and dancers are all a source of support for each and every student. I thank you for entrusting LFPA with the education of your child and for the continued support of our school. If you have any needs, comments, or compliments, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Robert Villa, Principal