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LFPA Gilbert Facility/Procedural Safeguards

Before School: There will be a limited number of students permitted in the cafeteria before school allowing space for students who are served breakfast. All other students will remain outside until teachers open classrooms at 8:00am (first bell rings at 8:15am). Students will not be permitted to wait in the hallways.
Dismissal: Students who ride the bus will be dismissed 5 minutes prior to their peers in order to load buses safely and minimize congestion in the hallways and in the front of campus.
Hallways: All hallways are ‘One Way’ in order to maximize a safe flow of traffic and minimize face-to-face contact.
Stairwells: All stairwells are ‘One Way’ in order to maximize a safe flow of traffic and minimize face-to-face contact. All stairwells may be used to go to the second floor until the tardy bell rings at 8:20am. At dismissal all stairwells may be used to go to the first floor and exit.
Restrooms: Restrooms will be closed during passing periods. Each hallway will have an assigned time for restroom breaks to decrease the number of students utilizing the facilities at once. Some sinks and urinals will not be available for use to maintain social distancing.
Drinking Fountains: Drinking fountains will not be operational with the exception of the fountains outside the cafeteria which may be used to fill water bottles only. Students are advised to bring water in a bottle with a spout or similar drinking top. We discourage the use of bottles that require a cap to be removed and replaced.
Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed outside of each classroom, stairwells, and in hallways throughout the school. Students will be asked to use these on their way in and out of classrooms. Students are allowed and encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer as well.
 Limited number of visitors will be permitted on premises other than the front office.
 Volunteer services will be postponed until Spring semester
 Breakfast will still be served in the cafeteria beginning at 7:45 am for students who have pre-ordered breakfast.
 Hot lunches will continue to be served to students who have pre-ordered lunches. The salad bar will not be available this year. Students who order lunches must eat their lunch in the cafeteria utilizing proper social distancing. Seating is marked on each cafeteria table to assist with social distancing.
 Students may bring a sack lunch and may choose to eat outside or in the cafeteria if space permits.
 Drinking fountains will not be operational. Students should bring water with them.
 Microwaves will still be available to students with sanitizing after each use and social distancing observed.

LFPA will communicate any confirmed cases with families via email. Confidentiality will be maintained and will refer to anyone involved as “student” or “staff member.”
When contact tracing is possible, LFPA will directly communicate with involved students’ families.