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Dear Knights Community, 

Let me first say that everyone has done a great job with being flexible, understanding changes, being able to move quickly between Learning models, and work through any issues with grace. We truly appreciate the ongoing support from parents, teachers, and students!  

We have spent a great deal of time evaluating the dashboards and reviewing the guidelines set for schools and will continue to do so. Although the data may work against our favor, MCDPH currently recommends preferentially keeping elementary and middle schools open for in-person learning. Also, the county publications have emphasized the benefits of in-person learning, particularly for elementary schools, and the emerging data indicating that in-person school attendance is not as great a risk factor for youth testing positive for COVID-19.  In addition, our teachers are now able to obtain the vaccine that will increase our safety measures.  

Please understand the decision to continue with in-person learning was extremely difficult to make. There is no easy solution or fix, and the possibility remains that we could potentially have to move back to a full remote learning schedule in the future. If at any time we have four or more verified cases of COVID in a week’s time within our direct school community we will be prepared to shut down and immediately return to full remote instruction. This could also occur in the event MCDPH updates guidelines and criteria for schools that could alter decisions, or if any unforeseen circumstances occur in the future, such as a new mandate requiring another closure. If any of the above events were to happen, we would follow the same full remote schedule your child has previously used.  

If you opted for remote learning for 3rd quarter, you will receive a separate notification on schedule changes for your child and they will return to two days of live instruction and five days of utilizing remote platforms.  This will allow us to continue to utilize our existing teachers that students have established rapport with for both learning models. 

We will continue to follow all of the safety protocols currently in place for in-person learning. Every Friday will continue to be a remote learning day for all students to allow time for additional in-depth cleaning of our campus.

This school-year has been like no other and has required many major changes in how we deliver instruction while trying to balance keeping our community safe. We are truly grateful for the amazing stakeholders that make our school a great place to be and to learn. 


Nikki Valle

Alta Mesa Director