LFPA (Learning Foundation and Performing Arts) Charter Schools is a growing district with 3 schools located in the East Valley.  We seek to find highly skilled employees who are interested in working in a collaborative atmosphere that requires an honest and respectful approach to developing students’ positive self-image and integrity in a safe, nurturing environment. 

Open Positions:  Only teachers who hold a Bachelors degree need apply.

Learning Foundation “Back to Basics” in Mesa: No current openings

LFPA Gilbert HS/JH: 2022-2023 – No current openings

LFPA Warner in East Gilbert:   No current openings

                                                   Now accepting resumes

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts accepts Resumes for application throughout the year.

Candidates should be able to effectively manage the learning environment to include the following:

1. Prepare lesson plans and instruct students in accordance with established curriculum and student need.  2. Assess student needs and performance. Develop, implement and evaluate daily lesson plans, to include scheduled activities and materials. Modify instruction to meet the needs of each child.  3. Plan, organize and display classroom materials appropriate to curricular activities.  4. Use and implement classroom management techniques to maintain organization, orderliness, student safety, and a productive learning environment.   5. Plan instruction and implement instructional techniques to encourage and motivate students.   6. Establish, maintain and promote an atmosphere which ensures the emotional and physical safety and well-being of students and emphasizes mutual respect, self-worth, self-discipline, cooperation, consideration and responsibility.   7. Evaluate students’ performance regarding achievements in curriculum and activities. Make necessary provisions to meet learning needs.   8. Ensure parents and students are informed of methods of evaluation used in the classroom.   9. Inform parents of student progress and school activities. Advise parents of instructional methods that may assist student.   10. Participate as a member of an instructional team to promote learning activities for students, consistent with district and school education objectives.   11. Notify principal of special needs of students who display characteristics that vary from the norm.   12. Collaborate with specialists as needed to assist students.   13. Observe behavior of children in the classroom, on the playground and in other related activities.   14. Monitor control of students, volunteer and/or assist in the classroom, playground, field-trips, lunch room, library, school bus and other areas.   15. Direct the activities of a teacher assistant and other classroom volunteers.   16. Recommend classroom supplies and instructional materials.   17. Attend meetings, participate on committees and sponsor student activities when assigned.   18. Maintain confidentiality regarding student, staff and management related information.  19. Follow local, state and federal law and adhere to Department of Education requirements and Governing Board policies.   20. Support with integrity the mission, vision, goals and positive culture of the school and district.   21. Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: 1. Appropriate Arizona Teaching Certificate.   2. Arizona IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card.  Additional endorsements, training, experience and/or certifications may be required for certain assignments. Mental Tasks: Read and communicate verbally and in writing. Analyze and evaluate student progress and course curriculum. Develop, implement and evaluate plans. Manage classrooms. Promote learning and ensure safety. Perform functions from written and oral instructions and from observing and listening to others. Evaluate written materials to include written assignments and tests. Physical Tasks: Work involves the performance of duties where physical exertion is not normally required to perform all aspects of the job. Assistance is available as required to perform physically demanding tasks. Work involves sitting for extended periods of time, requires moving from one location to another, reaching, stooping, bending, and holding and grasping objects. Visual weakness must not prohibit the performance of assigned duties. Verbal communicative ability may be required of certain positions. Uses audio-visual equipment, including computers and related technology, marker boards, bulletin boards, copiers and printers.

To Apply: send a copy of current resume, BA, transcript, Teacher Certificate, current Arizona IVP Fingerprint Card, three letters of professional reference.

Salary is based on experience and education. Benefits available.

Teacher Resumes are accepted for all subjects for future reference.  Experience preferred. Highly qualified status preferred. Candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelors degree.

All Teacher candidates must posses a valid AZ IVP fingerprint clearance card.

TO APPLY:  Send cover letter, resume, current Arizona Fingerprint card, 3 letters of business reference, and documentation of experience in teaching area. 

Email:  learningfoundation@msn.com   
FAX:    480-635-1906

Non-Teaching positions

Accepting applications for BUS DRIVER for 2022-2023 school year for Learning Foundation Stapley in Mesa.

To Apply applicants must Present the following documents

Cover letter and Resume
Three letters of business reference
Must posses a valid AZ IVP fingerprint clearance card and CDL

Email: learningfoundation@msn.com
FAX:  480-635-1906

Food Service

No current positions available

All applicants must submit a copy of current Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card, completed Arizona food handler card and three letters of professional reference. (httpss://www.maricopa.gov/2268/Food-Service-Worker-Training)

Must have excellent English communication skills (additional knowledge of Spanish a plus).

To Apply:  Present the following documents

Cover letter and Resume
Three letters of business reference
Food handler certification

All candidates must undergo fingerprint clearance or criminal history checks prior to beginning employment with LFPA.

Email: learningfoundation@msn.com
FAX:  480-635-1906


Accepting applications for Bus Drivers for 2022-2023 school year.

Experience preferred.

To Apply:  Present the following documents

Cover letter and Resume
Three letters of business reference
Evidence of CDL 

All bus driver applicants must have, or undergo, drug tests and fingerprint clearance or criminal history checks prior to beginning employment with LFPA.

Email:  learningfoundation@msn.com
Fax:  480-635-1906


Salary:  Compensation is competitive for all positions and individually determined based on qualifications and experience.

LFPA Full-Time Employees:

Medical Insurance:  60% funded by LFPA:  United Health – includes dental, vision, life.

Personal leave:  5 paid days refunded at $100/day if unused by end of contract year. 

Retirement:  LFPA provides for an employee retirement program and will match 1% of employee salary.

In accordance with Federal law, LFPA does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, or disability

CAFA, Inc. dba Learning Foundation and Performing Arts and Learning Foundation Charter Schools affirms its intent to comply with all federal and state laws relating to the prevention of discrimination. CAFA, Inc. is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in relation to color, religion, gender, age, national origin, and disability.  This policy encompasses all matters concerning staff, students, the general public, instructional programs and services.