Stapley Campus

Learning Foundation “Back to Basics”

Dear Learning Foundation Families: Welcome to the Learning Foundation “Back to Basics” school! We are excited about our intelligent, talented, and creative students who experience the best of what our outstanding teaching staff has to offer. Our goal is to offer a high-quality instructional environment in which all students will learn and excel academically and

Thank you for your tax credit donation

DONATIONS ACCEPTED ANY TIME OF YEAR! IT'S SO EASY! Just download the tax credit form below to donate to your child's school and receive your money back in the form of a tax credit. You can receive a credit of up to a maximum of $200 (if single) or $400 (if married and filing jointly).

Cell Phones, Voice Recorders, Electronic Devices

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts and Learning Foundation Policy: Cell Phones, Voice Recorders and Electronic Devices: Students are encouraged to leave all electronic devices of any type at home. Students are not allowed to have cell phones, pagers, laser pointers or any type of electronic device or sound reproducing equipment, including voice recorder watches or


***IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT LFPA SCHOOLS*** At LFPA schools we value our parents as working partners. In order to have successful school/home partnerships we feel it is important for parents to be knowledgeable about the many components that are involved in the education of our students. We ask that you take a moment to read over

LFPA Alta Mesa Family Night at Peter Piper Pizza

 Peter Piper Pizza Family Night A shout out of appreciation to those families who participated in last year's Family Night at Peter Piper Pizza and we look forward to seeing you there again along with our new families.  Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools are honored and grateful to have families who support our schools

Learning Foundation “Back to Basics”

Two Learning Foundation students won 1st and 2nd place in the City of Mesa Historic Preservation Writing Contest. Congratulations to the students and 5th grade teacher, Melanie Summers, and 6th grade teacher,Rosemary Crawford. Learning Foundation Stapley is our "Back to Basics" K-6 school in the CAFA, Inc. Learning Foundation and Performing Arts District serving students

Closing the Achievement GAP

Dear Ms. Taylor, Executive Director: As you  know by now, Arizona was cited by Education Cities today as a state that is leading the nation in closing our achievement gap. To your great credit, Learning Foundation Stapley and Learning Foundation And Performing Arts Alta Mesa have been identified as top performers in the state, and somewhere that low-wealth students can expect the same