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LFPA Gilbert 7th-12th Grades Commitment to Excellence

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts-Gilbert A junior and senior high school dedicated to supporting each student in the attainment of his or her highest academic and creative potential. The educational focus is designed to foster each individual’s capacity for self-development and personal responsibility that will prepare students for success in college, career, and adult life.

LFPA Alta Mesa Striving for Academic Excellence

Continuous School Improvement:  Our team consistently reviews, develops, and refines school improvement goals. We are always thriving to prepare every student to be college and career ready. Our school improvement plan is aimed at measurable goals that will help raise student achievement. We have implemented several strategies for students that will help to attain these

Performing Arts Department – Gilbert

"Mary Poppins" Visit the performing arts department web site at   All LFPA Gilbert parents or guardians are welcome to join the "Wolf Pac". The organization was formed to support all performing arts at the Gilbert campus. Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting the purpose of the organization and there

LFPA Warner Performing Arts News

The LFPA Warner Performing Arts Department is a busy place preparing students for exciting performances. Students also showcase their talents in two talent shows in the Fall and the Spring. The Winter performance and Spring performance are presented over eight evenings in order to involve all students in stellar productions.  Our  sell-out performances provide an

Message from the Principal, Warner Campus

Dear LFPA Warner families, We look forward to another successful year with all of our stakeholders' support and assistance as we work together to provide a positive and productive educational experience for the children throughout the year. As the school year progresses, please encourage your students to engage in reading activities whenever possible. Even the

Cell Phones, Voice Recorders, Electronic Devices

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts and Learning Foundation Policy: Cell Phones, Voice Recorders and Electronic Devices: Students are encouraged to leave all electronic devices of any type at home. Students are not allowed to have cell phones, pagers, laser pointers or any type of electronic device or sound reproducing equipment, including voice recorder watches or


***IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT LFPA SCHOOLS*** At LFPA schools we value our parents as working partners. In order to have successful school/home partnerships we feel it is important for parents to be knowledgeable about the many components that are involved in the education of our students. We ask that you take a moment to read over

LFPA Alta Mesa Reach-Out Volunteer Program

LFPA elementary students taking part in our "Reach-Out Volunteer Program"  visited the Citadel Nursing Home on two occasions in October as part of their involvement in the community volunteer program. Kindergarten and 1st grade students  visited the Citadel Nursing Home to teach the dance moves they've learned to the residents. Kindergarten - third grade students

LFPA Alta Mesa Family Night at Peter Piper Pizza

 Peter Piper Pizza Family Night A shout out of appreciation to those families who participated in last year's Family Night at Peter Piper Pizza and we look forward to seeing you there again along with our new families.  Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Schools are honored and grateful to have families who support our schools

High School Science at LFPA Gilbert

Students in freshman and sophomore Science classes were excited to be learning Crime Scene Investigation and different aspects of Forensic Science. The students learned how to solve crimes and how the different types of evidence found at a crime scene are processed. They looked into the different blood types and conducted a blood typing experiment,

“Charter Schools Facilitate Cultural Work” Essay by Rebekah Douglas

Rebekah Douglas, LFPA Paraprofessional:  Public charter schools are major cultural workers in Arizona. These schools are a hot and controversial topic throughout the United States and Arizona has developed a reputation for being included in this conversation. Being such a broad and multi-faceted subject, I would like to focus on one school in particular. This

Learning Foundation “Back to Basics”

Two Learning Foundation students won 1st and 2nd place in the City of Mesa Historic Preservation Writing Contest. Congratulations to the students and 5th grade teacher, Melanie Summers, and 6th grade teacher,Rosemary Crawford. Learning Foundation Stapley is our "Back to Basics" K-6 school in the CAFA, Inc. Learning Foundation and Performing Arts District serving students