LFPA Alta Mesa Open House – Monday, August 2nd, 4:30-6:30pm.

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As always, we are very appreciative of the continued support and patience demonstrated by the families and faculty of our school. We are so proud of our Knights families. Our focus is always “Students First” and and we are thrilled to be able to see each other in person!

Meet the teachers and tour their classrooms. Just click on the link to see what Learning Foundation and Performing Arts has to offer.   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ZXvefl1JyDT4P0n-z3P-w

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Alta Mesa, home of the Knights, is a small school that is making a BIG difference in educating and elevating every single student! We are pleased to announce  we have earned an “A” rating for 2019 from the Arizona Department of Education. A huge congratulations to all of our faculty, students, and parents for the hard work!

At LFPA we are dedicated to ensuring our students receive a high quality education.

Pre-K through 6th Grade

5761 E. Brown Road, Mesa, AZ
School Hours: 8:30 – 3:35

Early Release: 8:30 – 1:05

Welcome to LFPA Alta Mesa.

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We are all very excited about our school. We realize it is not taking place the way any of us anticipated, but we are still doing everything possible to make it the best school for everyone. We keep our focus on keeping positive thoughts that all students and parents will be comfortable returning to in-person learning at school again soon.

We ask  parents/guardians of students in distance learning to help your child keep their schedule as normal as possible. You can accomplish this by having your student get up, get dressed, nourish with a healthy breakfast, and share some positive morning encouragement just as we all would do any other school day.

Here are some tips to make sure your child has a great school day when on distance learning:

  • Make sure you know the schedule for the week.

  • Make sure your child has a quiet place to work, free of distractions.

  • Make sure your child attends the live learning meetings on the schedule each day.

  • Make sure you are familiar with logging into Google Classroom and MobyMax where learning begins. Scroll down in “School Story” for a great parent guide.

Check all communication from your teacher; and if you don’t receive communication, email or call the teacher.

Make sure your child is aware of Zoom and conducts himself/herself with an appropriate background. Ensure your student is familiar with showing his/her picture and when to mute and not to mute. Both staff and students should be in Zoom with the same mindset: They are sitting in a classroom together.

Please stay connected to friends and LFPA staff when you are struggling. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or Mrs. Rutledge 480-807-1100. You can also send us Dojo messages if that works better for you.  We are excited for a great year and are here to serve YOU!

At LFPA…we matter! Every person, every day ❣️
Nikki Triggs-Valle

What makes us different?

  • Small school / Family atmosphere with less than 300 students
  • Serving students in grades K-8
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • A variety of performing arts classes incorporated right into regular school day
  • Rigorous and engaging curriculum
  • School Uniforms
  • FREE Before / After Care program *registration fee applies
  • Character Program
  • Half-days every Friday
  • HQ Passionate teachers and Leadership
  • After school Enrichment Clubs
  • Engaging Field Trips
  • Minimal Homework Policy- because quality family time matters!
  • Knights Walk Weeks

LFPA Values . . .

  • all students as unique individuals who have the capacity to learn and succeed
  • a faculty and staff as integral elements to student success
  • a diverse community and a respect for differences in culture, intellect, gender, age, and physical ability
  • accountability among students and staff
  • performing arts and extracurricular activities as experiences that prepare students for life in the real world
  • an honest and respectful approach that develops students’ positive self-image and integrity
  • a small, safe, and nurturing environment for the LFPA community

 Please browse through our web site to find out more about our schools.  We encourage you to contact us at the district or any of our schools with any questions or to tour a school.

The Mission of LFPA is to provide a rigorous academic and performing arts environment that sets high standards and motivates students to be successful.

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Vision is to be a leader in education by inspiring learners to own their future.

Below are just a few of the concepts that ensure the success of our students.

  • Using best practices with student-centered, personalized learning and innovative instructional techniques.

  • A data driven student intervention program.

  • A program of consistent supplemental tutoring.

  • An integrated, student-centered, rich and challenging curriculum.

  • Well-rounded programs in art, theater, dance, and musical instruments.

  • Physical education and athletics programs .

  • Opportunities for families to be an integral part of their student’s educational experience.

  • A caring and nurturing environment in which students and staff work in partnership to develop skills for lifelong learning.