Dear Knights Families,

We are taking this opportunity to reassure you that even though we are a small school we take safety very seriously at LFPA.  We convene with our staff to review our current written Emergency Response Plan, we role play various emergency scenarios, and make any revisions that could better enhance our current safety measures. We also have practice drills with students. Please be advised that if your student comes home stating the school was on “lock down” it was only for practice purposes. In the event of a real “lock down” parents would be notified as quickly as possible.

As parents, it is important for you to stay observant and involved. If your children have social media accounts, make sure you are aware of what they are posting and whom their “friends” are. Discuss things that would be alarming for your children to see or hear and encourage them to share things that would cause alarm.  Just a few examples would be self-harm, animal abuse, racism, talk of suicide or homicide, weapons, etc.  Make time to listen to your children when they express concerns for a classmate or friend.  Getting children in a habit of sharing with a trusted adult or reporting anything alarming is extremely important to being pro-active.  If your child shares concerns about a classmate, please report it even if you don’t think it is a big deal.  We would rather be safe than sorry.

We will look to learn what we can from past school tragedy in our country and use that information to make improvements to our current procedures. More emergency preparedness information for parents is available at

Thank you,
LFPA Administration